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The Person

Michael graduated from the National University of Singapore with an LLB (Hons) in 1986. He was called to the Singapore Bar in 1987 and has been in practice since then.

He is one of the founding partners of Moey & Yuen. Prior to forming Moey & Yuen, he was with Harry Elias & Partners.

Michael is a principal mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre and a Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators. He is also a Notary Public and a Commissioner for Oaths.

Michael has a wide range of experience in various types of civil and commercial litigation as well as mediation. He takes pride in his work, no matter what its value is. The Honourable Judicial Commissioner Andrew Phang (who is now a Justice of Appeal) recognized this in Emjay Enterprises Pte Ltd v Skylift Consolidator (Pte) Ltd [2006] 2 SLR(R) 268 where he stated:


“37. Finally, I would like to commend counsel for both parties for taking the time and trouble to craft their respective submissions. They demonstrated a pride in their work that more pragmatic counsel interested only in the business ( as opposed to the practice) of the law might well have deemed unnecessary. However, it is, in my view, of the first importance that all counsel be committed to submitting before the courts the very best legal arguments that they can muster, even if (as here) the value of the subject matter of the litigation might not have warranted it when viewed from the perspective of merely materialistic lenses. If Singapore law is to develop and be a force to be reckoned with on the world stage, the attitude of mind displayed by counsel in the present case is imperative. Indeed, such an approach is not merely idealistic – it is also necessary. There is, in other words, no longer a gap between ideal and actuality. Both are inextricably connected together in a manner that demonstrates the best qualities of advocacy and, ultimately, of the enterprise of the law itself.

Such comments are rare, especially in written judgments.

Areas of Expertise

The following are the reported cases that Michael either had sole conduct of or assisted in:

1. Re Aathar Ah Kong Andrew [2019] 3 SLR 1242

2. Re Aathar Ah Kong Andrew [2018] SGHC 124

3. TYS v TYT [2017] SGHCF 7

4. The Audience Motivation Company Asia Pte Ltd v AMC Live Group China (S) Pte Ltd [2016] 3 SLR 517

5. Chiam Heng Hsien (on his own behalf and as partner of Mitre Hotel Proprietors) v Chiam Heng Chow (executor of the estate of Chiam Toh Say, deceased) and others [2015] 4 SLR 180

6. The Audience Motivation Company Asia Pte Ltd v AMC Live Group China (S) Pte Ltd [2015] 3 SLR 321

7. Krishna Kumaran s/o K Ramakrishnan v Kuppusamy s/o Ramakrishnan [2014] 4 SLR 232

8. Chiam Heng Hsien (on his own behalf and as partner of Mitre Hotel Proprietors) v Chiam Heng Chow (executor of the estate of Chiam Toh Say, deceased) and others [2014] SGHC 119

9. Trident Pharm Pte Ltd v Yong Pei Pei Tracey and another [2014] SGHC 59

10. Chiam Heng Hsien (personal representative of the estate of Chiam Toh Moo, deceased, and partner of Mitre Hotel (Proprietors) v. Chiam Heng Chow (executor of the estate of Chiam Toh Say, deceased) and others [2013] SGHC 35.
This action involved civil procedure, partnership and trust law.

11. Intuition Publishing Ltd v. Intuition Consulting Pte Ltd [2012] SGHC 149
Trademark infringement action.

12. Foo Ah Yan v. Chiam Heng Chow [2012] 2 SLR 506
This was a maintenance action.

13. Chiam Heng Luan and Others v. Chiam Heng Hsien and Others [2007] GHC 132

This case involved the sale of the land at 145 Killiney Road and the rights of some of the owners to stay on the land because of implied terms of contract. The law of trusts and partnership were also delved into.

14. Foo Ah Yan v. Chiam Heng Chow [2011] SGHC 202
Maintenance action.

15. Lee Pau Ping v. Chung Puay Puay [2010] SGDC 539
Matrimonial action.

16. Tan Seng Tea v. Tay Yang Chew [2010] SGDC 430
Breach of joint venture and personal loan claims.

17. Wonda Kitcharoen Co Ltd v. Greenlam Asia Pacific Pte Ltd [2010] SGHC 355
Sale of Goods.

18. Public Prosecutor v YYTG [2007] SGDC 337
Criminal breach of trust.

19. Emjay Enterprises Pte Ltd v Skylift Consolidator (Pte) Ltd (Direct Services (HK) Ltd, Third Party) [2006] 2 SLR 268.
This was a matter involving civil procedure.

20. Re HL Sensecurity Pte Ltd (formerly known as HL Integral Systems Pte Ltd) [2006] SGHC 135
Winding up petition based on 3 grounds. Acted for a shareholder. The grounds were that the directors acted in their own interests and not in the interests of the shareholders as a whole, that it is just and equitable that the company be wound up and that the company was unable to pay its debts, although there had been no letter of demand.

21. Public Prosecutor v Lai Yu Wei [2006] SGDC 58
This matter involved a young offender who was sentenced to jail but on appeal, was granted probation.

22. Public Prosecutor v Tan Ser Ping [2006] SGDC 95
Bigamy charge.

23. AW v AX [2004] SGDC 89
This was a matrimonial matter that went on appeal and the court allowed the appeal by increasing the amount awarded for the matrimonial assets to the respondent/wife.

24. Pacific Timber Ltd v Koh Teong Pheng [2004] SGDC 26
This was an order 14 application that was based on a claim for a loan.

25. Chua Choon Lim Robert v MN Swami [2000] 4 SLR 494.
This case involved striking out pleadings, limitation and an abuse of process.

26. New Civil Build Ltd v Guobena [2000] 2 SLR 378.
This was a building and construction matter involving variation works, damages, retention monies, progress payments, liquidated damages and the right of the Defendant to set off monies that the Defendant paid to the Plaintiff’s subcontractors.

27. Wong Kai Woon v Wong Kong Hom [2000] 1 SLR 546.
This was an estate matter and related to the interpretation of a clause in the testator’s will.

28. Carolyn Tan Beng Hui v The Law Society of Singapore [1999] SGHC 23
This was a disciplinary matter involving the Law Society where Michael acted for the Law Society.

29. The Law Society of Singapore v Tan Au Beng Carolyn [1999] SGDSC 6
This was a disciplinary matter involving the Law Society where Michael acted for the Law Society.

30. Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd v. Lee Kia Khen [1999] SGHC 47
A stock-broking company claim against a former trader.

31. Scan Electronics (S) Pte Ltd v Syed Ali Redha Alsagoff [1997] 3 SLR 13
This case involved civil procedure, the order for the sale of land, equitable defences and the administration of an estate.

32. Re Halleys Departmental Store Pte Ltd [1996] 2 SLR 70
This was an application for court sanction of a scheme of arrangement under section 210 of the Companies Act.

33. Tan Soo Leng David v Wee Satku & Kumar [1994] 3 SLR 481
This case involved summary judgment and the striking out of pleadings.

34. Chua Kwee Lan (m.w.) v. Seah Kim Por [1998] SGHC 36
Maintenance claim

35. Tan Kee (suing as an administrator of the estate of Poh Wong, deceased and in her own personal capacity) and Others v. The Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore [1997] SGHC 281
Claim involving adverse possession.



Graduated National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Hons: 1985
Admitted as Advocate and Solicitor of the Republic of Singapore: 1986.
Legal Officer, Housing & Development Board: June 1986 - May 1989
Legal Officer, United Overseas Bank Limited: May 1989 - May 1991.
Partner, Harry Elias & Partners: January 1992 13 March 1994
Partner, Moey Yuen Leet & Samuel: March 1994 13 April 1995
Founding Partner, Moey & Yuen: April 1995 - present

Areas of Expertise

Incorporation of companies and company secretarial services.

Advice on and preparation of corporate and commercial agreements, ranging from acquisitions of companies, joint venture agreements, shareholders’ agreements, intellectual property, leases, banking and property purchases.

Acting in the sales and purchase of property, bank financing and mortgages of residential and commercial property.

Advice and Preparation of Lease documentation for both corporations and individuals, as well as claims for arrears from tenants

Acting in Matrimonial Disputes - preparation of separation deeds and acting in divorces.

Preparation of Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorneys.

Acting in Probate and Estate Matters, and Application for the Appointment of Deputies in Mental Capacity Act (MCA) cases.

Completed the Certification Course for Professional Deputy and Donee under the PDD Scheme overseen by the Office of Public Guardian.

Registered as a Professional Deputy and Donee (PDD) pursuant to Mental Capacity (Registration of Professional Deputies) Regulations 2018.



PBM (Public Service Medal)
BBM (Public Service Star)
LLB (Hons) London
Barrister-at-Law of Lincoln's Inn
MSIArb (Member of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators)
Notary Public
Commissioner for Oaths
Advocate and Solicitor since 1984


a. 1984 - 1985 - Legal Assistant with Sant Singh & Co;

b. 1985 - 1989 - Partner Arjan & Sambandan;

c. 1989 - 1991 - Partner Arjan, Sambandan & Kalamohan;

d. 1991 to 31 August 2013 - Sole-proprietor Sambandan & Co

e. from 1 September 2013 13 Consultant at Moey & Yuen


a. Acted for individuals and companies in the purchase and/or sale of properties

b. Also acted for the following banks/financial institutions in mortgage transactions:-
DBS Bank Ltd
United Overseas Bank Ltd
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation

c. Also acted for clients in:-
Criminal Law Matters
Family Law Matters
Probate Matters
Civil and Commercial Litigation
Accident/Insurance Claims

Glenda Lim

Glenda graduated from the Singapore Management University in 2017 and was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 2018. She joined Moey & Yuen as a Practice Trainee and is now an Associate with the firm.

Glenda’s practice encompasses various contentious and non-contentious matters. She has been actively involved in litigation before the High Court, State Courts and Family Justice Courts of Singapore for matters involving matrimonial disputes, tenancy disputes, shareholders’ disputes, bankruptcy annulments, company law and family violence proceedings. She has also assisted in corporate matters such as lease agreements and partnership agreements.


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