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Litigation, Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Property Sales and Purchases


Family Law

Probate & Wills

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Company and Commercial Law

Employment Law


Criminal Law

Litigation, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution

1. We offer dispute representation for both business and personal matters, including:


b.claiming and defending claims for payment;

c.breaches of contract; disputes; law, shareholder disputes, insolvency and winding up matters; claims;

g.debt recovery (issuing letters of demands before commencing court proceedings, contesting and defending court proceedings, enforcement of judgments, bankruptcy action against individuals, winding up applications against companies) and issuing and defending bankruptcies;

h.divorces and related issues, for example, the division of matrimonial property, maintenance and custody and care and control of the children;

i.real estate litigation including disputes between vendors and purchasers in the sale and purchase of properties, landlord and tenant claims, strata title disputes; claims and personal injuries including claims for personal injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents;

k.trusts and disputes involving estates and beneficiaries; mark disputes.

2. We provide legal opinions on a pre-litigation basis to determine quantum and liability of the above matters and are involved in settlement undertaken on a pre-litigation basis.

3. We also offer non-litigation resolution to enable you to reduce the costs associated with protecting or defending your interests, namely, negotiations, mediation and arbitration. Our Michael Moey is a principal mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre since 2002 and a Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.

Property Sales & Purchases

We advise our clients and prepare documents relating to the sales and purchases of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

We also advise on transfers of property, property tax, use of use of Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings and financing of transactions and assist in the preparation of documents such as options to purchase, and sale and purchase agreements, as well as mortgages, debentures and other security documents;


We act for landlords as well as for tenants in respect of leases of residential, commercial and industrial properties, and undertake the following:

a.Preparing of comprehensive letters of offer, tenancy agreements and leases for landlords and act for them in negotiations of leases;

b.Liaising with property and marketing consultants engaged by property owners;

c.assisting landlord clients on issues arising between landlord and tenant.

d.acting for landlords in the recovery of arrears of rent, as well as in obtaining re-possession of property;

e.advising tenants of their rights and liabilities, negotiating tenancy terms with prospective landlords and represent tenants in claims by and against landlords.

Family Law

We understand that dealing with personal legal issues can be very emotionally trying and challenging. We manage these issues with sensitivity and understanding to reduce the pain and the conflict that is inevitable in these cases and to minimize the negative impact on our clients and their children.

Besides handling the usual matters relating to adoption, divorces, custody care and control of minor children, maintenance (alimony) and division of matrimonial assets, the firm regularly advises clients on the financial aspects of a divorce prior to the commencement of any divorce proceedings. This will entail what the client may be paying or receiving as maintenance (alimony), what the financial implications of divorce on business whether it is a sole, joint or family run concern and division of all matrimonial assets. Such advice helps our clients to decide on how, when and where to commence matrimonial proceedings.

Some of the services provided by us include:

a.preparation of separation deeds;

b.custody of children and divorce proceedings;

c.preservation and division of matrimonial assets; against domestic violence;

e.maintenance and enforcement of maintenance in arrears

Probates and Wills

Moey & Yuen offers solutions for your estate planning needs. This includes preparation of wills and trusts, and Powers of Attorney.

We assist our clients to apply for probate or letters of administration for both Singapore citizens as well as foreigners who have assets in Singapore. We also apply for the resealing of Grants obtained overseas. Where required, we also assist our clients in the distribution of estates, payment of debts and collection of monies to the estate.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

We assist with the preparation and certification of Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Our Ms Susan Yuen has completed the certification courses for Professional Deputy and Donee (PDD) and is a registered Professional Deputy and Donee.

Company and Commercial Law

We assist with incorporations and corporate secretarial services, as well as the preparation of partnership agreements, and shareholder agreements.

We also advise on, and assist in the preparation of all contract documents including those for the sale of assets, businesses and shares, as well as for mergers and acquisitions.

Employment Law

We provide advice on all aspects of employment law, including:

a.standard form and negotiated contracts of employment.

b.handling employment disputes such as wage claims, claims for wrongful dismissal and breach of duty, restrictive covenants and confidentiality obligations.


We advise & represent clients with applications for employment passes, visitors' passes, dependants' passes, & other areas in which they may need assistance.

Our clients are usually companies setting up businesses in Singapore, or companies employing foreigners.  

Criminal Law

We have experience in work involving criminal law. We have acted for clients who have been charged with bigamy, criminal breach of trust, theft and rioting. We have also acted for parties charged for offences under the Road Traffic Act, defended parties facing private summonses and employment act offences. Our consultant, Mr Sambandan is an experienced criminal law practitioner who started his career as an interpreter in the State Courts before being called to the Bar. 


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